The Otra River, one of Southern Norway's longest rivers, starts just north of Hovden! It is home to a significant population of trout.

This also applies to the mountain lakes around Hovden. If you want to fish in permitted areas, you can purchase a fishing license.


The different fishing areas:

Otra: The license covers the area from the dam south of Hartevatn at Hovden to Kilefjorden in Evje. Certain areas along this stretch are not covered by the license. These areas are marked with special signs. Licenses are sold at the Hovden Tourist Office.

Hartevatn: The license covers the lake to the dam at the southern end of Hartevatn and up to the channel towards Breivevatnet. Northward in the Otra River, the license is valid up to the dam at Lislevatn. Licenses are sold at

Lislevatn: The license covers the entire lake. Licenses are sold at

Veringsdalen: The license covers Øvre- and Nedre Veringsvatn, Fisketjønn, Tormodstjønn, and in Store Førsvatn, on the north side from the middle of the outlet to the long peninsula. Licenses are sold at

Myrkvævområdet: (near Sloaros). The license covers Fisketjønn, Den Lange Tjønni, Sloarosvatnet, Langevatn, Øydeskyvatn, and Gravevatn. It also covers parts of Einarshyttvatn and Kaldsvatn located within Aust-Agder county, as well as the eastern part of Skyvatn. Licenses are sold at

Mjåvatn: The same license as Myrkvævområdet. Licenses are sold at

Under 16 years old?
If a fishing license is required for the area, children under 16 years old are entitled to a free license. If no fishing license is required, children can fish without a license. The right to fish applies regardless of the child's nationality and residence, but is limited to the period from January 1 to August 31.

Permitted fishing gear
In the Otra River and the various lakes around Hovden, it is allowed to fish with bait, fly, and lure. Only in exceptional cases is it allowed to fish with nets. It is not permitted to fish with live bait. Introducing or moving fish from one lake to another is also prohibited.