The Tusse club

The Tusse club

The tusse club is the coolest activity club in Hovden for you between 4-6 who thrive best on the slopes!

The club combines skiing and snowboarding with play and fun!
We meet every Saturday, Sunday as well as selected days during holidays to have fun together.
The meeting place is outside Hovden Aktiv at the latest at 09:30. It is important that you meet on time.
The day is filled with everything from winter activities to obstacles and slopes in the children's area tusseland together with our talented, young activity leaders.

The participant must have basic control on skis/boards such as being able to turn and stop on the trail.

We finish at the same place we started and the participant must be picked up at 11:00.
As our instructors are going on to a new lesson, it is important that parents are on time both on arrival and pick-up.

There is no drop-in attendance at the club this year.
This year, everyone who is going to participate must register for each day they meet at the club.
Registration for the following day is no later than 15:00 the day before. We do this to be able to calculate staffing
Membership 1 season: NOK 1,500. without a lift pass.
Membership per day: NOK 300. without a lift pass.