Personal trainer - PT (private trainer)

Personal trainer - PT (private trainer)

The goal of renting a PT is to improve skiing skills or for those who have never been skiing before to get the help getting started. Your NPT looks at your skills and together you train to get better. NPT fits all skill levels, both beginners and experts. We offer PT in cross country, telemark, snowboard and alpine.


With PT, the skier has full focus on you and your skiing. You decide what to practice. NPT alone provides fast progress and makes the most of your time with your ski instructor. The best benefit from your PT is to buy a multi-hour rockcard. Here it is set up for self-training between each hour. It is the same PT that follows you through all the hours. PT is offered at all levels, from those who have never been skiing before, to experts who want to finslipe the technique.

In the case of more participants in the same private time, the entire group should be at the same skill level. In 1-2 hours, we recommend max 5-6 people in the group and lessons in 3-6 hours we recommend up to 10 people in the group.

Hovden Aktiv Skiskole at Hovden Alpinsenter is quality assured through the Norwegian Ski School (DNS) in Norway.

PT must be booked online 24 hours before the first hour. You can always contact us on phone 37 93 94 04 or get in the store for assistance if it is too short time to book online or if you do not find a suitable time.

There is no lift ticket or equipment included in the prices. We encourage everyone to be completely ready to go to the ground at the start time, so that no valuable time is lost.

Contact information

Hovden Alpinsenter, 4756, Hovden i Setesdal