Group ski school

Group ski school

In the group ski school, we have something for everyone, regardless of age and skill level! Our experience is that skiing pleasure goes hand in hand with mastery and new challenges adapted to the individual's level.


Welcome to the group ski school at Hovden Aktiv! Here, the child faces increasing challenges over a 4-day period. For the best possible benefit and flow in the group for both your child and other participants, each participant is registered for the whole week. There is no room for drop-in en route.

The group course requires a minimum of three participants.

If there are 2 participants we offer a 3 day course.

If there is 1 participant we offer a 2 day course.

There is no refund for the reduced course.

Registration for the following week is no later than Friday 16.00 the week before.

You register the participant for every day, and there is no refund for canceled courses.

Remember that ski pass is NOT included!

*It is important that you as a parent are honest in the assessment of the child's skills in order to give both your and others' children the best possible benefit from the course. If in doubt, feel free to contact us.