Children ́s ski school - ski
Children ́s ski school - ski
Children ́s ski school - ski
Children ́s ski school - ski

Children ́s ski school - ski

You can choose to join a group class of total four lessons Monday to Thursday or join a class of three days Friday to Sunday. It is also possible to join at a single occasion in a class with a group Friday and Sunday. There are groups for new beginners, intermediate, advanced and more experienced children. All children on different levels can join a fun and playful group class every week all through the winter season.


Join exciting days full with smiles and progression in the slopes. In a short period of time the children will learn a lot and their level will increase together with our professional instructors.

All instructors at Hovden Aktiv Ski school are qualified through the Norwegian ski school organization (SBF) in Norway.

The lessons are 90 minutes each and we meet up outside the reception at Hovden Aktiv at the base area of the alpine ski area.

Bookings online must be made 24 hours before the lesson starts, after that drop­-in bookings can be made if there are group spaces available, on phone number +47 37 93 94 05 or a drop-­in visit in our Hovden Aktiv/Sport 1 shop.

Ski passes and ski/snowboard equipment is not included in the price of the ski school. We would like you to be ready for the slopes when the lesson starts, there­by, no time will be wasted from the lesson.


Classes for children who never tried alpine skiing before or have tried just a couple of times. In this class the equipment will be well introduced for the children and we focus on practicing turns and stopping. We ski in mostly green marked slopes and sometimes bluemarked slopes.

This is a class where we learn to get a smooth rhythm in turning practice. We ski in mostly blue and sometimes red marked slopes. To join this group the student is recommended to have basic skiing experience and be able to stop and turn and take the ski lift.

In this class we polish our skills and the speed and level is higher. We mostly ski in the black and red slopes, and can make use of all lifts. Here the student must be able to ski confidently down the red slopes.

Contact information

Hovden Alpinsenter, 4755, Hovden i Setesdal